Welcome to FLPR!

flipper noun

  1. A component of pinball machines, which were a staple of 1970s arcades but still have ardent fans.
  2. One who renovates neglected properties for profit.


The Fortran Language Program Remodeling system, or FLPR, is a C++ library for manipulating Fortran source code. You could use FLPR to quickly develop small code maintenance utilities, or to build something as ambitious as a source-to-source translation tool to implement language extensions for your project.

Distinguishing features of FLPR

  • Layout and comment management:
    • Gives developers recognizable code when debugging transformed source.
    • Preserves important knowledge stored in comments.
  • Proper extensible grammar:
    • Better than regexp at recognizing complex structures.
    • Allows implementation of application-specific language features.
  • Compact API allows you to quickly write “disposable” utilities for doing specific code transformations.

Any questions? Please file an issue on GitHub, or email flpr-dev@lanl.gov